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Music and Lyrics by Penni Rubin
Book by Thea Iberall

Suitable for K to 4th Grade
Hear some of Penni Rubin's great songs and hear her talk about At Seven


Melanie is a party performer but father criticizes her for not doing something important with her life. She must find a way to prove her father wrong. Helped by the Wizard of Wonder, Melanie and friends go on an amazing adventure, where she discovers a magical thing that happens around the age of seven.

Story Premise

As an early childhood educator for over thirty years, Penni Rubin has dedicated her life to helping children learn. In the 1970s, Rubin started a school in Shaker Heights, Ohio where she developed a program to expose children to art, science, math, and music through creative play. Eventually, her students grew up. After talking to her now adult students, she began to get a sense that decisions we make about our careers have seeds early in life. People would answer her question about what started them on the path to their vocation invariably with the statement “when I was a child” or “when I was seven.”

Thousands of children have seen this delightful musical (see the testimonial page for just some responses). The kids especially love to sing along to the entertaining and educational songs written by Penni Rubin that include:

  Pack a Snack
  Crazy Daze
  Color My World
  Feed Your Furry Friends
  Don't You Switch
  Crazy Machine

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